What is a Heated Neck Massager and How does it Work?

Neck pain has been a chronic problem for all who spent a lot of in front of desks or computers. There are many ways to get relief from neck pain. A heated neck massager is one of such options which effectively helps you get relief from neck pain and neck soreness.

When you feel Pain in the neck and shoulders with different intensity levels and discomfort in your neck to arm can be referred to as Neck pain.

Causes of Neck Pain

There are many causes of neck pain in persons

  1. Cervical Spondylosis- When the intervertebral disc gets disturbed due to injury, it may move out of shape. There are 3 types of intervertebral disc that can cause cervical spondylosis like Bulging Disc, degenerative disc, and Herniated disc.  This creates severe neck pain.
  2. Neck Trauma or Injury- This happens due to neck injuries like an accident, sports injury, or a bad fall. You might have heard about whiplash.
  3. Bad Posture: Sitting for a long time with a bent neck like looking at the mobile phone or working on the computer. The gravitational force puts a lot of pressure on your neck when you sit in a posture for a very long time. These bad seating postures make the neck muscles stiff and the bones around the neck might get curved in due course of time.
  4. Osteoporosis- Osteoporosis is a kind of bone disease where the bone mass becomes weak. This may also result in neck pain.

Symptoms associated With Neck Pain

There are many symptoms associated with neck pain that are very frequent in nature. These symptoms are like 

  1. Headache
  2. Stiffness in Neck
  3. Tightness in Neck
  4. Dullness and Ache in Muscles
  5. Tingling In Arms
  6. Weakness in Arms
  7. Weakness in Grip
  8. Shoulder Blade Pain

How to get relief from neck pain?

There are many ways to treat neck pain like

  1. Rest- In some cases, doctors advise rest to get relief from your neck pain.
  2. Hot and Cold Treatment- If you feel stiffness in your neck during any time in the day, give it a massage with a hot towel or an ice pack. This may relieve the stiffness in your neck.
  3. Apply Ointment or Gel- Apply a pain relief gel or spray to get instant relief from the pain. Normally the pain goes away in 1-3 days.
  4. Medications- Based on the diagnosis your doctor may prescribe medicines to ease your pain. They prescribe pain killers to get rid of your neck pain.
  5. Cervical collar- Using a cervical collar can also help ease your neck and shoulder muscles and get rid of your neck pain in some days.
  6. A Massager- A heated neck massager, back massager, cervical massager, or shoulder massager is the best way to get rid of our day-t- day neck and shoulder pain, muscle stiffness, and neck soreness.
  7. Physiotherapy- It is another best way to get rid of neck pain because it is mostly a lifestyle-related problem. These pains are chronic in nature but do not get cured by any medicines and surgery is not recommended. So a middle path is chosen and that is physiotherapy.
  8. Surgery- The last step is a surgery where you have to undergo cervical surgery.

How Heated Neck Massager Works?

Neck massagers use heat, acupuncture, and electrostimulation to alleviate muscle stiffness, stress, and tension on the neck and shoulders.

Heated neck massagers specifically apply heat to heal the body pain. One of the best home remedies we use to get rid of any pain is to apply the hot and cold treatment. We apply heat through a hot towel or heated oil massage this relieves the muscles and eases out pain.

The cold treatment is about using an ice pack on top of the area and this makes the area dull and we feel less pain. In some cases like sports, a mix of both treatments is given for quick results.

In the same manner, a heated neck massager provides heat at a constant temperature (normally 40-45° range) continuously. This heat penetrates into our body and relieves the stressed muscles and also removes the tension.

That heat goes up to 5 inches deep into our bodies. This heat improves flexibility by treating the nerves.

Normally these neck massagers have electrodes and magnets which send electromagnetic pulses which improve blood circulation and relieve the cervical area.

Magneck Heated Neck Massager

Magneck is one of the best-rated neck massagers that is available in the market. It is quite popular and in demand in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Its unique technology combined with research has developed the neck massager to the next level. It has a three-fold healing technology where acupressure, heat, and electromagnetic stimulation works in combination with each other. 

Its austenitic 304 Stainless steel electrodes are anti-allergic. They have magnets that send mild vibrations.

This heated neck massager has 3 massage functions that can be controlled and changed with remote control. You can also adjust the different intensity levels to take maximum benefit out of your neck massage.

Some of the benefits of using a Magneck Heated Neck Massager are

  1. Eases muscle tension
  2. Eases muscle fatigue
  3. Healthier and more relaxed life
  4. Improved metabolism
  5. No more headaches
  6. No more Neck pain
  7. Relive from Shoulder pain
  8. Less frequent migraine pains
  9. Reduces Stiffness in the neck
  10. Improves Sleep and sleep quality
  11. Improved Blood Circulation
  12. Better rate of muscle recovery
  13. Relive from Body Tension
  14. No more Muscle Fatigue
  15. Relive from Neck Soreness
  16. Relive from Shoulder Tiredness.

Final Words

A heated neck massager is a great product to invest your money in. It helps you from chronic neck and shoulder pain and gives you a healthier and better life. Comment if you would like to test out a good quality neck massager.

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