Noninvasive Neckband Massagers : Multifunctional Neck Massager

The ‘COSE’ Multifunctional Neck Massager Uses TENS Technology

The ‘COSE’ Multifunctional Neck Massager is a noninvasive treatment option for those who suffer from pain into the neck and upper shoulders to help them treat their ailments in a simple manner. The massager features a very compact design that is intended to be situated onto the neck and certainly will straight away visit work alleviating pain making use of a few therapeutic massage methods. This can be achieved using EMS and TENS technology that may interact to contract muscle tissue, while also stimulating the flow of blood.

The ‘COSE’ Multifunctional Neck Massager also offers a heating functionality that will help your body becoming more receptive to treatment by soothing muscle tissue and additional exciting circulation. The system may be used when pain is present or in order to push away the effects of computer use or any other tasks that can affect the throat.



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